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Behind the Design with Belclaire Homes Designer Daisy Stoops

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When potential buyers visit a Belclaire model home, they fall in love not only with our floor plans and finish-outs, but also with the stunning choices in furnishings and accessories in each home. Designer Daisy Stoops has been curating the interiors of Belclaire’s model homes for 12 years and is sharing how buyers can emulate that look and feel in their own Belclaire home.

Belclaire Homes: What tips do you have for buyers who want to emulate your style?
Daisy: Think simple, clean lines and incorporate large canvas art, fresh colors, touches of nature, soft fabrics and livable furniture.

BH: What are your favorite elements of Belclaire homes?
Daisy: I really enjoy the master bathrooms and kitchens. They both offer a good amount of space to showcase the buyer’s personality with paint colors, countertop selections, hardware and tile. And Belclaire has a wonderful selection of tiles for the bathroom and kitchen!

BH: If buyers are moving into a larger space, what suggestions do you have in helping them with scale and new proportions?
Daisy: It’s always exciting to move into a larger home but that does come with challenges. It you need more seating in the family room, for example, a great alternative to chairs are seating cubes, poufs or benches. They are typically a fraction of the cost of traditional seating and add a creative element to the room, as well.

BH: What colors do you like using right now in paint and accessories? What design trends are you incorporating in accessories?
Daisy: In color, grays and whites are the new neutral. In accessories, I like adding mixed metals, mixed woods, soft gold tones, succulents and natural materials.

BH: What are your tips for maximizing space?
Daisy: Less is more! Opt for less clutter and more impact pieces.

BH: Are there any design choices you would encourage people to avoid?
Daisy: Don’t get too trendy. Enjoy some new looks with your accessories but keep your basics in a classic style so you can build on them for years to come.

For more ideas on how you can incorporate the Belclaire Homes look in your new home, visit our photo gallery.

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