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Set up a great work-from-home space in your Belclaire home

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Working from home has become a “new normal” for many of us who are used to working in a corporate office. Maybe it had a bit of novelty at first, skipping your daily commute and taking your time getting to your desk right as the workday begins. If you haven’t settled into your WFH routine, its novelty is probably beginning to wear off. Check out some of these tips from The Muse on creating a productive home office:

  • Think like a mouse
    Find the quietest corner of your house, while some people need some background noise to work, others find any noise at all incredibly disturbing.
  • Declutter your desk
    While sticky notes can be a helpful tool, extra books, piles of paper or cups half-full of lukewarm coffee will strongly detract from your productivity and your concentration. You don’t want your desk to be empty – don’t stow away your pen if you’ll be using it again today – but giving yourself space to work allows you to have space to think as well.
  • Declutter the rest of the house too
    As much as you want to ignore your messy living room, shutting your office door might not be enough to convince you that your mess has disappeared. Spend a couple minutes each night tidying up so that the next morning you’re ready for business.
  • Bring in some green
    A desk or a floor plant is a great way to add a breath of fresh air to your workspace and create some visual variety when your eyes need a break from the screen. Try something resilient like a small cactus or succulent, or at least arrange your desk so you can see outside.
  • Try a calming scent
    Soft, wafting scents can soothe the usual stress of thought blockages and procrastination, resulting in increased focus. Besides having a nice smell, essential oils like lavender and jasmine can actually give you great natural boosts. Try a fresh smelling potted herb or plant, or simply add a scented candle. Aromatherapy could be just the trick you need to get your thoughts back on track.
  • Use a small to-do list
    Before you begin tackling the day’s tasks, spend 10 minutes creating a detailed checklist. Then, spend another five making an even shorter checklist of tasks you absolutely know will get done in the next couple of hours. If you have too many tasks, there’s no way they’ll all get done. This trick helps you remember and plan for each chore, but also breaks your day down into small, actionable tasks. Plus, once you check off or cross out your finished work, those visible accomplishments will spur your creativity.
  • Take meaningful breaks
    When it’s time to take a break, you might default to checking Facebook. For a more productive way to recharge your batteries, try reading relevant articles to give you some inspiration, learning about new innovations in your field or even taking a walk around your block. As long as you’re timing your breaks, you’ll be back to work in no time and your brain will feel a bit more refreshed.

Belclaire Homes builds homes that fit your lifestyle, especially when you work where you live! When designing your new home in one of our communities, we will work with you to create the best home office space to spark your productivity and creativity. Our model homes are currently available for viewing by appointment only, get in touch with someone from our team to set something up and get started creating the home of your dreams. You can see our available homes here.


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