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Bringing summer camps to your Belclaire Homes backyard

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Sleepaway summer camps may be canceled this year but that doesn’t mean kids can’t have a great summer. After months of virtual schooling, kids need to play outside, run and grow! There are tons of activities Belclaire families can do in their backyards and create a summer camp of their own!

Here are some ideas:

Personal water park

You can easily set up a miniature water park in your yard to keep them busy while you work on a laptop (somewhere dry nearby).

Set out some sprinklers, a wading pool or a water table if you have them. If not, go low-key with some buckets and sponges. We like foam water squirters, because they are easy for little kids to fill up themselves. Just splashing around in the old baby tub with a few rubber duckies can keep some kids busy for a long time.

Kids with siblings can be set up for team games:

  • Water battleship: Fold origami boats and try to sink the other’s boat with a squirt gun at a distance.
  • Water limbo: Limbo under a running hose.
  • Water tag: Tag each other with a wet sponge.
  • Water race: Use a small cup and run back and forth across the yard to be the first to fill your bucket.
  • Water obstacle course: Dodge the sprinkler, buckets and water balloons. 

Home Olympics

There are many commercial kits available, but with some creativity, you can make your own Olympic-challenge obstacle course with stuff you already have.

  • Scavenge for old pillowcases to use in a bag hop.
  • Set up cardboard boxes as hurdles.
  • Pull several jugs of water in feats of strength.
  • Include Frisbees or small balls for an accuracy toss activity.
  • Add some sit-up and push-up stations for easy, no-frill exercises.
  • Give your kids a timer so they’re motivated to keep trying the activities over and over again. With some luck, they’ll be so pooped afterward they’ll need a long nap.

 Ice-cream social

Let the kids try making their own ice cream or design their own Popsicle. Homemade pops are easy – just pour some yogurt, fresh fruit and a splash of juice in the blender, then freeze the mixture into Popsicle molds. Don’t have molds? Peel some bananas, poke a craft stick in each, dip in chocolate and freeze them on a cookie sheet. Yum!

Backyard camping

Everything is automatically more exciting if it’s done inside a tent. If you don’t have one, create your own with pillows, blankets and any available furniture.

Young children can do imaginative play, puzzles, snack or even nap. Older children can play games, journal or make crafts. Set them up for a friendly competition with a read-a-thon. While you’re at it, go ahead and set up a tent for yourself. At least it can be a place to hide and respond to some business emails for a while before you are found.

Whatever you decide to do with your family this summer, remember that you don’t have to rush from one activity to another. There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of down time watching ladybugs crawl, reading a book or napping under the trees.

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