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Choosing the perfect wood flooring in your Belclaire home

Categories: Design Gallery, General Posts | Posted: September 14, 2020 | Comments Off on Choosing the perfect wood flooring in your Belclaire home

Wood flooring can be a great way to give your Belclaire home a polished and classic look while adding to its value. Not only is it durable and hypoallergenic, solid wood floors can be refinished over and over again. However, with so many varieties, it can be difficult to choose the right wood floors for your home.

We researched some of the most important factors to consider when choosing your hardwood flooring:

Board width
Wood floors can come in narrow strips, wide planks, parquet squares and, more recently, squares and rectangles. More traditional, strips give the illusion of more space, planks create a more rustic look and parquet floors suit formal spaces with their distinctive geometric design.

Wood species
Different types of wood vary in durability, grain patterns and color. Oak, maple and cherry are the most common choices because of how hard and durable they are. Exotic species like mahogany and Brazilian cherry are less durable but are striking in appearance.

Depending on your preference, you can find hardwood floors that are glossy or others with an antique finish. Distressed and hand-scraped hardwood floors will disguise heavy use and give the floor timeworn character from day one.

For busy homes with pets and kids, it’s wise to choose a hard wood species that will withstand wear and tear. Softer species like pine tend to show scratches. Remember, scratches from the puppy’s claws or child’s toy on solid hardwood can be sanded and refinished over and over.

Whatever you decide on, proper care and preventative maintenance can keep your wood floors looking great for years.

Steps to choosing perfect paint colors for your Belclaire home

Categories: Belclaire Communities, Design Gallery, General Posts | Posted: August 10, 2020 | Comments Off on Steps to choosing perfect paint colors for your Belclaire home

Picking the right paint color is a fundamental part of any interior design process. Often, it’s even what decorators base the rest of their design aesthetic on. Freshome put together a list of foolproof tips to ensure that making color selections for your Belclaire home is a quick and easy process.

Buy textiles first
Usually when we talk about textiles, they’re considered a finishing aspect of the design, so this advice may seem counterintuitive. However, one of the easiest ways to make sure your paint coordinates well with the rest of the room is to use fabrics as your design inspiration. If you pick the paint first, you might find yourself limited to only a few fabric options that match your wall. But if base your color palette on an existing product, you’re far more likely to find a coordinating shade of paint.

Work with neighboring spaces
Paint can be a unifying element. Before you decide on a particular shade, consider how it will look with your existing interiors. The colors should work in harmony. While this tip is especially important to follow when working with open concept spaces, the effect a color has when transitioning between more traditional rooms should be considered.

Factor in lighting
Like it or not, the way in which a room is lit can have a huge impact on how the room looks. Each light temperature pulls out a color undertone, which is why rooms often feel vastly different at night than they do during the day. Once you have a color in mind, ask to have a sample made up for you at the local home improvement store. When you take it home, paint a few, small sections of paint on each wall. Then, check in on them throughout the next day. If you’re happy with how the color looks in both natural and artificial light, you’ve found a winner.

Don’t forget finish
Many people tend to overlook the fact that paint color is about much more than the shade itself. Finish is another component that can alter how your finished product looks.

  • Flat finish: This is your least shiny option. It comes off as modern and sophisticated, but it doesn’t clean well, so it isn’t the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Egg shell finish: Low luster, the finish looks decorative and is often used in dining rooms.
  • Satin finish: This is the most popular choice and works well for high-traffic areas like hallways.
  • Semi-gloss finish: Will give the room a subtle shine and is fairly easily cleaned. It works well in kitchens and baths.
  • High-gloss finish: This will give the room a shiny and polished look, but is stain-resistant and easily scrubbable. It works best in kitchens and baths.

Be sure to check out our sister company American Legend Homes’ new Pinterest page for inspiration.


Trend Alert: Fresh color palettes for your Belclaire home

Categories: Belclaire Communities, Castle Hills, Design Gallery, General Posts, McKinney Homes, Prosper Homes | Posted: June 29, 2020 | Comments Off on Trend Alert: Fresh color palettes for your Belclaire home

Will you be doing any interior design in your Belclaire home’s interior? Now that it’s officially summertime, new interior design trends are on the horizon. Elle Décor has some great insight on the color schemes they predict will dominate homes this season, from bright shades to jewel tones to sophisticated neutrals.

Here’s what we learned:

Pink and Red
Pink and red create a riotous, revelatory mix. These colorful elements combined with more neutral furnishings provide balance to the space without being overwhelming.

Summer Gold
Summer Gold is all about brightening up beige with a color that adds personality to neutral shades without being attention-grabbing. In the practice of feng shui, gold represents heaven, sunshine and warmth.

Lush Botanical Greens
This season, bright botanicals are appearing with traditional greens. Pair these colors with jewel toned greens and natural materials like rattan and wicker.

Mediterranean Hues
Beach-inspired without being overly nautical, a Mediterranean color scheme includes taupes, blues and beiges, along with coastal elements like rope and rattan.

Grape Juice
It may be summer, but shades of red wine are all the rage. The color is bold but soothing and adds richness to any space it inhabits.

Painterly Blue and White
Put some prep in your step with a blue and white striped color scheme. The delicate interplay between these colors has long been a design favorite, and it often appears in bold stripes as well as delicate, painted strokes.

Light Ikat
Incorporate ikat (fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving) with executions ranging from throw pillows and accessories to sofas upholstered in a bold ikat. Lately, decorators are applying more subtle applications of ikat, in muted, elegant tones than in years past.

Busy Stone
Who says stone has to be silent? Busy, noisy stone patterns are seeing a comeback, whether it’s marble, granite, onyx or any number of other materials. An eye-catching center table makes a statement next to a softly hued, inviting chaise.

Your Belclaire home is your canvas. Our floor plans are designed to give you the freedom to create your ideal space. Check out the communities where we build and our photo and video galleries for more inspiration!

Decorate your Belclaire home with festive décor this Thanksgiving!

Categories: Belclaire Communities, Design Gallery, General Posts, Holiday Entertaining with Belclaire Homes | Posted: November 8, 2019 | Comments Off on Decorate your Belclaire home with festive décor this Thanksgiving!

There’s nothing quite like celebrating your first holiday season in a brand-new Belclaire home. With endless options to personalize your home with features like a cozy fireplace, open kitchen or an inviting entryway, you have the perfect canvas to make a statement through festive décor. Thanksgiving is right around the corner – check out some of these easy decorating tips to get into the holiday spirit!

  1. Make your home colorful and inviting by adding potted plans, pumpkins, gourds, corn shucks and bright ribbons to your doorway.
  2. Holiday décor doesn’t have to be elaborate! If you tend to be low-key, pair some warm, autumn-hued flowers in a vase with a couple of small pumpkins to spice up your coffee table.
  3. Dress up your mantel with some fall-themed garland from your local craft or home store. You can wind it around your staircase banister and curtain rods, too! If you want to go all-out, attach paper leaves to the garland with clothespins so guests can remove a leave, write what they’re thankful for and reattach to the garland.
  4. Gather an assortment of grey and white heirloom pumpkins for a delightfully understated and elegant dining room table display.

Belclaire Homes is most thankful to be able to provide homebuyers in North Texas with the perfect place to enjoy a happy holiday season. Read more about Belclaire Homes here.


Belclaire and Emerald Heights: The Perfect Holiday Setting

Categories: Design Gallery, Emerald Heights, Outstanding Amenities, Stonebridge Ranch, Uncategorized | Posted: November 13, 2018 | Comments Off on Belclaire and Emerald Heights: The Perfect Holiday Setting

Emerald Heights at Stonebridge Ranch means living in a private, gated neighborhood with luxury amenities and outstanding schools. A Belclaire home here gives buyers the option of 11 distinct floor plans and the ability to design a home to the buyer’s specific taste and lifestyle. Homes here range from 3,041 to 4,500-plus square feet, perfect for holiday entertaining and out-of-town guests. Take a tour of the photo gallery to get an idea of Belclaire’s open floor plans and finish-outs, like oversized kitchens with roomy kitchen islands, stunning cabinetry and top-of-the-line appliances. Schedule a tour today and make your holiday dreams come true!


New Year, New Home: Belclaire Homes Offer the Latest Design Trends

Categories: Belclaire Communities, Design Gallery, Frisco Homes, Park Place Homes | Posted: February 1, 2016 | Comments Off on New Year, New Home: Belclaire Homes Offer the Latest Design Trends

park place ext painted brickReason #5: New year, new home, new trends. Belclaire Homes offer the latest design trends!

Belclaire’s Park Place Estates in Frisco has luxurious, spacious homes that offer a gourmet kitchen, luxury living space, impressive upscale interior design and energy efficiency. Homes here offer several design features, including a new contemporary painted brick exterior. Homes in Park Place have dark finishes for wood floor stain colors and fresh patterns in carpets that are more durable and work well with hard surfaces. Kitchens in Park Place homes use quartz to create a clean look for your home. Plan a visit to Park Place today!

American Legend Design Consultant Talks Trends and New Design Gallery

Categories: Design Gallery | Posted: April 27, 2015 | Comments Off on American Legend Design Consultant Talks Trends and New Design Gallery

kitchen thumb_484987111296504_kitchenwd_(1500x1001)Belclaire Homes is opening a new Design Gallery in Park Place.  It will feature the latest trends in materials, colors and design.  Pam Turner, design consultant for Belclaire Homes, says a fresh look in tiles is to have large 12×24 tiles installed in either an offset or herringbone pattern which creates a beautiful and interesting floor.  Wood floor stain colors are moving to darker finishes or much lighter to show the natural colors of the wood.  Also fresh are patterns in carpets that are durable and work well with hard surfaces.  In the kitchen, quartz is the new look — offering beautiful colors for a clean look.   “With so many options, new homeowners must come to the Design Gallery to see for themselves the latest and greatest materials available,” says Pam.

“Fall” for Belclaire Homes: Spectacular Kitchens for Cooking Holiday Treats

Categories: Design Gallery, Holiday Entertaining with Belclaire Homes | Posted: November 6, 2014 | Comments Off on “Fall” for Belclaire Homes: Spectacular Kitchens for Cooking Holiday Treats

kitchen island thumb_photo_366_1322859921

Autumn has arrived and, in celebration of cooler weather, we present the top 10 reasons to “fall” for Belclaire Homes.

Number 3:  Spectacular Kitchens for Cooking Holiday Treats

Your Belclaire kitchen is perfect for the holidays whether you are cooking for two or 22.  Each kitchen begins with your vision and then comes to fruition in our Design Gallery where you can choose every detail from the countertop to the backsplash.   A generous collection of appliances is available including Moen, Whirlpool, Sub-Zero, Wolf and more; giving you nearly unlimited options to create your  dream kitchen.

Have a Holly Jolly Kitchen in Your New Belclaire Home

Categories: Design Gallery, Holiday Entertaining with Belclaire Homes | Posted: December 10, 2013 | Comments Off on Have a Holly Jolly Kitchen in Your New Belclaire Home

kitchen thumb_484987111296504_kitchenwd_(1500x1001)“All I want for Christmas is…a new kitchen.” Creating impressive holiday menus is easy in your new Belclaire kitchen.  Our Design Gallery consultants help buyers choose the latest in both functional and stylish kitchen appliances including gas stove tops and ovens, double ovens, visible vent hoods and the new “French door” refrigerator.  Design Gallery consultants also assist buyers with choosing the latest in fixtures, backsplashes, flooring, cabinetry, lighting and hardware.  Check out our “Gallery” and start making your holiday wish list now!

Belclaire Homes has Designs on You

Categories: Design Gallery | Posted: October 24, 2013 | Comments Off on Belclaire Homes has Designs on You

Greige photo HW466 Shaw American Nostalgia color 527 Reclaimed.jpgBelclaire Homes offers the latest in new home design trends and these tips will floor you! Did you know that lower pile, tighter bundled, textured carpets are hot right now? The hottest hardwoods include wider width planks (up to seven inches) and alternating planks of varying tones (espressos, milky/washed and grays) for visual interest.  The latest in laminates incorporates high sheen finishes and four-sided bevels to create a true wood plank visual.  Tile trends include mixing styles (from glass to stone to metal) and using colors (like gray, white, cocoa bronze and tranquil blues). Incorporate these latest designs in your new Belclaire home easily with the assistance of a Belclaire Design Gallery consultant, who will walk through the design process with you every step of the way.